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About Us

Our Process

New age technology combined with old world craftsmanship. Before products ever take shape in our facility they go through iterations of design, re-design and refinement. Every component of every product is modeled in our CAD (computer-aided design) programs by our design team. We analyze down to the smallest detail. If we decide a product will be manufactured it must pass our three main criteria:

  • Function
  • Aesthetics
  • Efficiency   
To be brief - we are confident our products will do what we say they will do, compliment the space they are intended to fill, and can be manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner with as little waste as possible. The products that pass our design phase then take shape in our facility. They are constructed from heavy gauge material, typically 1/8"– 1/4" plate steel. All components are laser cut to ensure strict tolerances. They're then hand assembled by our master craftsmen who fit, weld and diligently grind / polish to perfection. After fabrication the components are sandblasted, primered, and sprayed with a high temp powder coat for long lasting durability and flawless finish.

We proudly design and manufacture in the USA, and always will. With Knox Elements you can be confident it is designed and built to last.

About Us

"Metal work, it’s in our DNA." Knox Elements was created by brothers and third generation metalworkers, Cody and Talan. Their dad and uncle started a fabrication business in the early 80's, so needless to say the brothers grew up learning the nuances of a metal shop, beginning with floor sweeping 101. 

After high school Cody attended the University of Utah while working for the family business part time. After an intensive, coffee filled four years he graduated with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and then entered the business full time. There he cut his teeth on the ins and outs of running a company while honing his abilities in the design realm.

Talan had a prolific wrestling career including a National Championship which lead him to a full scholarship to Northern Michigan University. NMU is one of a few University's that also facilitates an Olympic Training Center (USOEC). There, Talan trained in Greco-Roman wrestling, gained an appreciation for above zero temperatures, competed in many international competitions and nearly made the 2008 Beijing Olympics. When Talan retired from wrestling he too returned to work for the family business full time.

Once working together, Cody and Talan learned a wealth of knowledge from their dad and uncle and helped grow their family fabrication business. By this time the business had migrated to satisfy the architectural metal niche in the Salt Lake and Park City area. They produced extremely custom stair systems, railings, fireplace surrounds, and much more. But such unique work limited their clientele to a select few. Fortunately though, with a growing company came increased manufacturing capabilities, resources, and the opportunity to implement a product line.  With such they could make available high quality designs to everyone who shares the same value for craftsmanship.

The Spark

Through the years the brothers kicked around many ideas for products. They developed, worked, tried, and crashed and burned more than once.

"Mistakes are the portals of discovery."          - James Joyce

But despite all the bumps, a few ideas did have success, such as the Spartan Bar. If you are looking for an intense core work-out look it up, available through (shameless plug). And then one night, while sitting around a camp fire, of course, it was said "why don't we build fire pits?" It was a perfect fit, combining their years of design and fabrication experience with their love of outdoors and a good fire. So they were off and Knox Elements was born.

"I have no doubt our team is dedicated to creating the highest quality products. We hold each other to a tremendous standard which I believe creates a unified vision and goal.   - Cody Knox


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